Manage a Cutting Edge Meat Business with Sage X3


Sage X3 is an all-in-one ERP software helping meat processors throughout the production process – from slaughtering to packaging meat.

Sage X3 Capabilities for Meat Processors

Forward & Backward Lot Traceability
Ensure Quality Meat throughout the Supply Chain
Efficiently track information of each ingredient & finished item at any point of time i.e. location & delivery date
Respond to product recalls by quickly tracking meat items that contain the contaminated source
Sage X3 Alerts Get alerts if the yield is out of range during production reporting & take immediate action

Multiple Manufacturing Models & Visual Process Maps
Meet Consumer Demands for Value & Variety
Sage X3 Production Stages Manage different production stages: feeding, slaughtering, butchering, packaging and/or freezing
Increase yield & profitability Improve processes by supporting the costing of different manufacturing models
Sage X3 Visual Process Maps Boost efficiency with visual process maps of tasks at hand

Shelf-life Management & Accurate Forecasting
Waste Less, Profit more
Fast-track manufacturing Accelerate the production process so there is less time for meat to expire
Sage-X3-Delivery Reduce waste by seeing what ingredients & finished meat items need to be pushed out first before they expire
Forecast better Gain accurate & dynamic forecasting capabilities to reduce the overstocking of meat

Sage X3 Resources for Meat Processors

Sage-X3-Belmont-Meats-Case-Study Meat-Processing-Trends
Case Study: Sage X3 spices up the recipe for success at Belmont Meats Infographic: 5 Cutting Edge Trends for Meat Processors

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