MicroChannel Awards

MicroChannel are proud to share a selection of our awards

  • SAP Partner of The Year - ANZ
  • SAP ANZ Partner Excellence Awards SME 2022
  • Boyum IT Partner of The Year - APJ
  • MYOB ANZ Excellence in Customer Experience
  • Sage Excellence Award ANZ - Sage Intacct & 300
  • Acoustic FY21 ANZ Growth Partner of the Year 
  • SAP Business One Partner of the Year - ANZ
  • Sage Platinum Elite Award
  • LS One Platinum Partner
  • HighJump Partner of the Year - ANZ
  • Boyum - APJ Partner of the Year
  • Solver Elite Partner


Extend your business reach with mobile applications for all your lines of business

Provide employees with secure mobile access to the information and processes they need to handle critical tasks – and make informed decisions – in real time.

  • Boost task and information worker productivity
  • Improve decision making in the field – at all levels of the organisation
  • Extend the value of your enterprise applications with mobile accessibility
  • Deploy enterprise-grade apps and drive mobile initiatives across your organisation


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MicroChannel can provide your organisation with anything from a single solution to a complete end-to-end business system. If you look to the left you will see our diverse product range.

Products to best fit your business:

MicroChannel is unique to most solution providers as we offer multiple products/solutions that on paper may seem to do a similar job, but in reality they are very different.

Why we have multiple products and solutions?

People may ask why we don't provide one product that we think is the best out there... To put this into perspective, an everyday example of why we do this is a shoe store, where you have multiple products/brands of shoes (the solution) to choose from, to essentially fulfill the same need, a need for comfortable and protective footwear... Taking design out of the equation, the obvious reason for having multiple brands of shoes is because not everyone’s feet are the same, and some shoes 'fit' better than others. On paper one shoe to another may essentially seem to be the same, but it's when you try the shoe on that you experience the difference...

This reason is exactly why MicroChannel provides you with multiple products/solutions, to ensure that you get the 'best fit product/solution' for your business, because like shoes, software/solution packages may seem similar, but once you implement the solution/product it becomes clear that some solutions and products are a much better fit than others.

Which product or solution is the best fit for your business?

This is where we come in, we use our years of experience to work with you to determine the solution or product which is the best fit for your business.

How do we determine the best fit solution for you? We know our products and solutions inside-out, and similarily you too know your business indside-out, so naturally the best person to talk to about your business is you! We listen to your needs, requirements, and pain points. From this we recommend and craft a solution which is not only going to satisfy your current business requirements, it will be a solution that will grow with your business.

In addition, by providing multiple products and solutions, we are not one sided or biased towards any particular product, therefore we are not going to do a sales spin job on you. We can give you an honest opinion based on your business requirements to what product or solution is the best fit for you.

Körber K.Motion Warehouse Edge (formerly known as HighJump and Accellos)

There are many warehouse management systems (WMS) on the market today.  Körber K.Motion Warehouse Edge (formerly known as HighJump and Accellos) sets itself apart from the rest through a combination of robust functionality, seamless integration components and by offering the WMS as a piece of an overall supply chain solution.

In today’s fast paced and ever changing business world, the warehouse needs to connect into many other departments of the business to provide critical information in real time. HighJump - Warehouse Edge acts as the hub of your supply chain solution, integrating accounting/order and shipping software systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, Crystal Reports software, radio frequency and barcode hardware, and warehouse automation equipment.

Information Systems (Outsourced IT)

The MicroChannel Systems Integration Department is your full service outsourced IT Department. We provide technology solutions to support your business needs, so you can leverage technology to achieve your business goals.

View our dedicated Systems Portal for detailed information.

SAP Business One

Go to SAP Business One Product Page 

Find new ways to cut costs, boost performance and drive growth with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a single affordable software application for managing your entire business with a unified view; giving greater clarity to financials, sales, customer relationships, and other daily operational processes. Designed specifically for small to mid-sized companies SAP Business One helps streamline your business’s End-to-End operations, gain instantaneous access to complete information and accelerate profitable growth.

With its suite of extensive functionality SAP Business One comes equipped to handle all industry specific requirements and delivers truly innovative features including a five-step MRP Wizard and Drag&Relate tool that lets the user link different pieces of information with a single click.

Phocas Business Intelligence

Phocas Home
The beauty of Phocas is that we don’t present the information to you in a fixed set of templates, reports or dashboards that tell you what we think you need to know (which is what some of our competitors do). The problem with that is that you end up with a lot of interesting reports that aren’t actually very useful. No. With Phocas, you ask the questions and we’ll give you the answers you’re looking for in moments; whether you’re using a PC, smartphone or tablet. And if that prompts you to ask another question and then another, we’ll be with you every step of the way as you follow your train of thought. Even if you’re a self-confessed technophobe, you won’t need to get IT involved to create the analysis you’re looking for. It’s that easy.

The result is a true picture of your business – and of the business opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a flexible, cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. This solution is suitable for medium to large organisations seeking to improve their financial management. You will find Sage Intacct is; built for success, innovative, flexible and accessible.

Concur Expense Management

Move away from paper receipts and spreadsheets. With an integrated, mobile T&E solution, employees can quickly and easily submit their trips and expenses. This gives organisations visibility into spend to ensure travel and expenses are compliant and to find opportunities to save costs.



Sana e-commerce

Sana is a fully integrated B2B e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX / GP and SAP Business One. Sana commerce is specifically designed to help retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers grow their online business and give mobile support for sales agents.

LS Central

LS Central

Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Factory WMS


ExFlow by SignUp is a built-in, feature-rich AP invoice Automation solution developed for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV. Exflow enables organisation to increase efficiency, transparency, and control in AP Invoice process, driving down cost and generate savings.


Cordial is a cross-channel marketing and data platform for customer-obsessed brands. Collect all customer data in one platform, and use it to build audience segments, discover trends, and automate customer experiences at enterprise scale.

LS One Retail

LS One is a light, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customise retail POS software. It brings great benefits to retailers of all sizes - from start-ups, to small and medium retailers, to larger businesses which can advantage from the full power of the platform. Serve your customers faster and better, manage your stores more effectively and plan your business future with a suite of reporting tools. 


Solver CPM (formerly known as BI360) is a comprehensive Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution to provide insights on business performance, efficiency and productivity throughout the organisation. This business intelligence tool includes powerful features and seamless out-of-the-box integration with many business management solutions like SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and Sage X3, just to name a few. Implementation takes only a fraction of time compared to other similar

ClickLearn Software User Adoption and On-Boarding

Companies spend significant amounts of money implementing technology but often fall short on one of the most important aspects of successful implementations... The Users!
Technologies in most cases still require humans to one degree or another to take control of the software and tools... If you do not get your employees and staff onboarded onto your new solution, it will take a long time before you employees like it and use it to its full potential, which means your ROI will be delayed or never really be shown...
Learn how to get users onboarded faster, and how to provide in software experiences to ensure in the long term they have the prompts and reminders they need to keep them on top of all aspects of your solutions.



Simple to use. More power than you can imagine. The most complete BI portfolio available.

Search and explore vast amounts of data, from as many places as you can find. With Qlik, you’re not constrained by preconceived notions of how data should be related, but can understand how it truly is related. Analyse, reveal, collaborate and act. Qlik lets you turn data into insights across all aspects of your business. 

IBM Watson Marketing Software

IBM Watson Marketing software brings you the power of artificial intelligence and cognitive learning, so you can better engage with customers across all channels with personalised content.

Whether you need marketing automation, marketing analytics or a content management system, IBM Watson Marketing has you covered. Choose from a range of solutions from IBM Watson Marketing such as Campaign Automation, Marketing Insights, Customer Experience Analytics and Content Hub.

View our sub website for more information on IBM Watson Marketing. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce's CRM solution is helping companies enhance their productivity and drive top sales performace by connecting sales with service, marketing, and more.

  • Transform more leads to closed deals by empowering your sales reps and giving them the tools they need to sell more effectively.
  • Not only fill your pipeline faster by connecting sales with marketing, but also get a complete view of how your customers travel through their journey with you, from customer awareness to advocacy.
  • Enhance your customer experiences through delivering a personalised service, and keep pace with your customers to meet their needs, faster.

MicroChannel Hosting

Click here to go to full product description.

What Is Our Advantage? 
Hosting That Works!

We provide the capability your business needs to move forward... From dedicated virtual server environments and innovative software applications, to ERP and CRM solutions.


Have you ever had an issue or needed something modified, only to find you need to speak with 2 to 3+ different companies, and yet after all that time and effort you have gotten nowhere? We deliver convenience by offering a one-stop-shop, with all of the services you need provided solely by MicroChannel, making multiple-vender conflicts a thing of the past.

Critical Applications in a Hosted Environment

Every organisation is different, so MicroChannel offers a variety of hosting environments. Whether it’s CRM, ERP or Offsite Backup, MicroChannel offers multiple business hosting solutions to meet your needs.


The Acoustic Marketing Cloud is a simple yet powerful platform that helps you develop a deeper pool of knowledge on your customer's behavior to create campaigns that resonate with people, build a loyal following, and drive revenue.

Sage Business Management Solutions

What are Sage Business Management Solutions?

Sage Business Management Solutions take the capabilities of ERP tools a step further. Built to scale for small to mid-market businesses and large enterprises, Sage Business Management Solutions are fully-integrated systems that empower efficient and more competitive operations across the entire value chain.

Integrate and streamline core business processes with Sage Business software. Within a single system, capture end-to-end visibility of your entire business and get centralised control across financials, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, inventory, customer service and more.

Support your business end-to-end with a robust and easy to use Business Management Solution from Sage:


Power BI

Any data, anywhere, any time 

Power BI is a cloud-based analytics service that gives your business a single view of your important actionable data. Monitor the health of your business using live dashboards, build rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and access your data on the go with native Power BI Mobile apps.


AdminDroid is the leading Office 365 solution provider with reports to help you analyse, audit and monitor users, licenses, logins, groups, administrators, security, mailbox usage, mailbox etc.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

To run your business effectively, it’s critical to make timely operational decisions. Your ERP system can help streamline operations and provide better visibility on what’s happening in your business—but it’s not designed to facilitate decision making. And most ERP systems do not provide simple tools to dynamically explore data, unveil opportunities, or share analysis without technical skills.

Sage X3 - business management software for medium and large organisations

Sage X3 enterprise resource planning solution, is a powerful and flexible ERP built to manage financials, distribution and manufacturing operations. Sage X3 is simple-to-use, flexible yet uncompromising business software platform.

LS NAV Retail

Simplify your Retail Business with LS Nav

LS Nav is the complete retail management system that gives retailers all they need to manage their whole operation - head office to POS terminals.
  • The solution is easy, simple and fast
  • It allows management to oversee and run their business centrally from the back office.
  • Track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels
  • E-commerce platform or mobile

React fast and effectively when circumstances change, minimizing your risks and maximizing your profits.
LS Nav helps you offer outstanding customer service and ensure loyalty with a suite of in-store, online and mobile features that put your customers at the center throughout your Omni-Channel.



The RIC Group WMS

The RIC Group WMS

The RIC Group empower mobile workers with the appropriate tools for rapid decision making, faster turnaround, flexibility and improved productivity. The RIC Group deliver the right solution which increases insight, collaboration and awareness.
Our supply chain suite for SAP B1 is the only choice for a growing small to mid-sized business, which includes warehouse management solutions, transportation solutions and EDI. Our solutions are feature rich and allow flexibility and scalability without modifications.

SAP Concur Invoice Management

Cut manual data entry, eliminate paper and errors, and save time processing invoices.

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud - Take your small business to the next level – with affordable, cloud-based software

Get the business software you need, the way you need it, with SAP Business One Cloud. This affordable, solution can help integrate and streamline your key processes – including financials, sales, inventory, and more. And because the solution is hosted and maintained by experts in secure, world-class data centers, you can spend more time on innovation – and less on IT.

Sage 300 (formerly Accpac)

Sage 300 (formerly Sage ERP Accpac), is a flexible and robust business solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Sage 300 enables you to create a perfect fit for your business by implementing the business solutions that work best for your business today, and provides the ability to upgrade and modify your system later as your business expands in the future.

From small office applications to enterprise systems, Sage 300 offers the most comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective end-to-end business solutions in the industry - delivering unparalleled performance, advanced functionality, cross-product integration and rock-solid stability.

Sage CRM

Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is far more than just a software application. It is a business solution that gives you the ability to connect with and understand your customers. It is a combination of people, processes and technology and covers every interaction with your customers across the entire business.

You can benefit from Sage CRM by managing critical sales, marketing and customer service activities, help you find new customers, close sales faster and build lasting, profitable relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s new approach to end-to-end intelligent business applications in the cloud that enable companies to:

  • Start with the right fit for your business and grow at your own pace in the cloud
  • Empower employees with productivity tools surgaced in context of processes
  • Guide employees to optimal outcomes with intelligence embedded in processes
  • Stay flexible and adapt in real-time with extensible applications and platforms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Dynamics 365 Business Central
will help you take the next steps to grow your business.

Business Central brings forward the opportunity to accelerate business growth while unifying pro
cesses and enhancing your customer value - all available within this Dynamics 365 end-to-end business management solution that is 'built to evolve'.

Business Central has arrived!
Discover how to connect and grow your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central >>

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?
Engage with customers, run simplified operations, and expand into new markets—all to provide your customers with amazing experiences.


Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-language, multi-currency enterprise resource planning (ERP) business solution with comprehensive global business management features for financial, human resources, and operations management as well as additional industry capabilities for retailers, professional service industries, financial service businesses, manufacturers, and public sector organisations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Click here to go to the full product description

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a modern, unified retail solution that reduces complexity for retailers, allowing them to focus on connecting with customers and empowering their employees across all channels. It empowers organisations to deliver a complete shopping experience-personal, seamless, and differentiated-by helping them with a single view of the business.

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail enables retailers of all sizes, all around the world, to be dynamic. It delivers a complete shopping experience, with a seamless more mobile, and more global. End-to-end retail/POS capabilities include:

  • Modern point of sale (POS),
  • Store operations,
  • Merchandising,
  • E-commerce,
  • Call center,
  • Marketing, and
  • Ccustomer care, to
  • Supply chain,
  • Financials, and more, can be deployed in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

Engage Customers: Globally reach connected customers how, when, and where they shop.

Ready employees: Increase employee productivity and effectiveness and help their most valuable asset - people - to provide the best possible customer service experience. 

Expand rapidly: Anticipate trends and capitalise on opportunities through a 360-degree view of the business. And all this while protecting customer data at every interaction point.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly NAVISION) is quick to implement, easy-to-use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that helps over 100,000 companies worldwide manage their accounting and finances, supply chain, and operations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) gives your team access to information. The right information. Making your people more productive.

What makes it even better... Microsoft Dynamics GP works like and with the Microsoft Office tools they already use. So your team can get started quickly with less of a learning curve, and become more efficient, even faster.

MS 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is an end-to-end field service management solution helping you:

  • Efficiently schedule staff based on their expertise, location & customer preference
  • Ensure your field staff have the correct tools & materials for every job
  • Increase efficiency in the field with mobile capabilities i.e. bar-code scanners
  • Access real-time contract data to efficiently bill on the go & generate revenue fast

Microsoft Dynamics - Cloud GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ideal financial accounting and business management solution for the small-to-mid size business environment. Backed by Microsoft innovation, Dynamics GP combines comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities with flexible deployment options to give your business greater control, increase margins and drive long-term growth.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Attract prospects, drive sales and grow lasting customer relationships.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust customer relationship management solution that reduces costs, improves profitability and automates processes organisation-wide. Built on an xRM platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM not only incorporates marketing, sales and service capabilities but can be customised to meet differing business demands.
Industry specialisations:

  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Health and Social Services
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Education

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems (RMS)

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) offers small and midsize retailers a complete point of sale (POS) solution that can be adapted to their meet unique requirements. This powerful software package automates POS processes and store operations, provides centralised control for multi store retail, and integrates with Microsoft Office programs, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and other popular applications such as Sage Accpac and SAP Business One. Microsoft Dynamics RMS is built on a proven Microsoft platform that adapts to meet unique and changing retail needs.

Microsoft Office 365

Click here to go to full product description.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 brings together familiar office apps, such as Skype and OneNote, into one integrated platform. Microsoft Office 365 is empowering companies of any size to collaborate smarter and be more productive from anywhere.

Getting The Right Business Solution For Your Business

MicroChannel is recognised as a leading provider of business solutions for Australian small to mid-sized businesses, corporate divisions and government agencies. We have partnered with a selection of world class leading business software vendors, whose platforms provide the basis for flexible and customisable business solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Our partnerships with multiple vendors mean that our expert consultants are able to provide an unbiased opinion on the best solution fit – giving you peace of mind that the solution will operate with your unique business processes.


MicroChannel's Business Systems Solution Map




There are many direct and indirect revenue and profit enhancing benefits that can be realised from an ERP implementation. MicroChannel is a leader in designing, implementing, customising and developing ERP solutions based on software from top ERP software vendors.

We work with industry mainstays such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, Sage X3 and Sage 300 to deliver solutions that work with your organisations processes and procedures to maximise your return on investment.

Explore ERP Products

Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics GP - Gold Microsoft Partner

Run like never before with SAP Business One Sage 300 - Sage Business Partner Sage X3 - Sage Business Partner Sage Intacct


To be truly beneficial to the organisation, CRM is best approached as a whole of business strategy enabled by technology – rather than as a piece of software – where user-adoption is key to success.

As both a business process and technology consultant, MicroChannel is well known for its proficiency to provide clients with innovative robust CRM solutions based on technology from leading CRM vendors, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Sage CRM and Salesforce.

Our professional services and best practice methodologies allow MicroChannel to design and implement CRM projects with well-defined goals, high user-adoption rates and faster time-to-benefit.

Explore CRM Products

Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-Logo-Solution_1 Sage-CRM-Logo-Solution_1.png Salesforce-CRM-Logo-Solution_1.png

Warehouse Systems

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Warehouses are traditionally seen purely as cost centres – but progressive businesses are realising that the potential that their warehouses possess to deliver a significant competitive advantage. MicroChannel implements and develops applications for AccellosOne Warehouse, an innovative world leader in WMS.

MicroChannel’s world-leading WMS experts tailor your system to meet your unique warehouse processes and requirements, and guide you through the transition to an automated warehouse.

Explore Körber K.Motion Warehouse Edge (formerly known as Highjump or Accellos) - Your Complete Warehouse Solution

HighJump - Warehouse Edge (formerly known as Accellos)

Data Capture

Build a Better Bottom Line with Enterprise Mobility Software

Inventory Software to promote and endorse a more agile workforce and ensure employees have the ability to make smart, informed decisions while mobile. 

Explore Data Capture Inventory Software

Transport & Logistics

Deliver accurate and sound logistic solutions with a mobile interface that retrieves, verifies directly into your ERP solution. A complete solution to minimize procurement costs and maximize efficiency.


Discover the possibilities of enhancing your business practice through the combination of selective tools and features that are designed to deliver results.


Enhance or tailor existing systems to ensure compliance at all levels.

Warehousing & Distribution

Organize the warehouse with tracking of goods inwards, serial & batch tracking of stock, and consolidate stocktaking. Provide a platform to enable inventory management and planning for smoother and faster distribution.


Consolidate business modules and simplify the chain management system by integrating transactions from head office, branches and outlets in one standalone system.


 Ensure higher production rates, monitor quality control, and reduce labor costs.

Retail / Point of Sale

Having the ability to make rapid and decisive decisions based on real-time information is crucial for any retailer wanting to remain competitive and drive up customer centricity.
MicroChannel uses world class modern Retail / Point of Sale (POS) software technologies. Solutions from Microsoft Dynamics and
LS Retail provide small, mid-sized, large and enterprise level retailers the necessary tools to achieve their goals today and as they grow into the future. 

Explore POS Software

LS One                    

Systems and Technology Integration

Systems and Technology Integration - To help your business leverage technology to achieve your business goals, MicroChannel Systems Integration provide technology solutions from leading vendors. We are your full service outsourced IT department.

IT Systems Integration specialises in designing, implementing, servicing and supporting all your IT computer hardware, software and network requirements so you can stay focused on your businesses core competencies.

Whether you are a small business with one computer or you are a mid-size business with several hundred computers, MicroChannel Systems Integration can work with you to ensure your IT infrastructure is optimised for your requirements.

Explore Information Systems Products

Support and Helpdesk

MicroChannel Helpdesk support plans provide our clients timely and effective support services. Our helpdesk is continually staffed by certified consultants, who log all helpdesk issues in our helpdesk support system so each issue is tracked and managed for expedient resolution with our commitment to provide dependable instant or same day responses.


You can take advantage of several options to suit your company’s available resources, corporate culture and overall peace of mind. We offer:


We provide a 1300 Hotline priority number to call for assistance during business hours as well as email support, client web portal and remote access support to suit every situation.

    • Helpdesk priority hotline
    • Remote live support
    • Backup failure warnings
    • System health checks
    • Database corruption fixes
    • Software patch and service pack updates

Contact Us to Learn More

Software Development

MicroChannel Software Development is the department within MicroChannel that focus’ solely on developing individual software and customisation for the purpose of extending, integrating and improving your business system to support your business objectives. The MicroChannel Software Development Department consists of a highly experienced team that focuses specifically on the following:


MicroChannel is a certified Sage Accpac and SAP Business One development partner. This means that we use the same development environment used by our vendors to develop specialised business software solutions.

Custom Programming

If you have any special requirements that don't seem to be handled by your standard business and accounting products, our certified programmers will work with you to modify your system to meet your specific business needs.

Add-ons and Utilities

MicroChannel develops software add-ons and utilities that have the same look and feel as your business system and work seamlessly from within your business and accounting system.

Consequently, MicroChannel Software Development specifically targets the creation of efficiency-improving custom software that will close the gap between the rigidity of the disciplined accounting requirements and the variable operational efficiencies that result in the increase of an individual organisation's competitive advantage.

What We Offer

All software developments and customisations done by MicroChannel are supported by a full range of services to compliment and support our custom designs and our product integration software implementation from start to finish.

  • Needs Analysis - Determines the exact business requirements and workflow procedures specific to individual end users.

  • Software Design - Functional and technical design required to meet the identified requirements while improving operational efficiencies to achieve effective payback of the development cost.

  • Fast Track Proof of Concept and Prototyping - Ensures that the custom software meets all specifications prior to 'go live'.

  • Quality Assurance Testing - Every custom design from MicroChannel must pass stringent quality control checks before any implementation.

  • Implementation, Reseller Training and Helpdesk Services – To assist with achieving flawless project completion.


At MicroChannel we follow a strict methodology based on several years experience. This methodology provides a structured framework to evaluate, specify, design and develop exclusive solutions with measurable and guaranteed deliverables. Each development of custom software under the MicroChannel logo passes stringent quality control tests based on the following terms:

  • Return on investment for the user of less then 1 year
  • Development is in accordance with each participating application products SDK
  • Accurate controls and audit trials ensure easy measuring of completeness and accuracy

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Hosting Solutions

MicroChannel Hosting Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of MicroChannel Services Pty Ltd and is in the business of providing software
applications, web based services, managed desktops, and dedicated virtual server environments to businesses all over the
world from a secure data centre located within Australia.

Your Plan and Our Services

All services are offered on a month to month basis and are billed according to the number of users that require the service and/or the specifications of the dedicated virtual server that is required. There are no lock-in contracts which means that you can increase, decrease or turn off your service at any time without incurring any penalties. Further to this we do not charge extra for data transfer, letting you know exactly how much you are going to get billed each month regardless of any excess usage during that month.

All services are provided from a secure data centre located in Australia with 24x7 CCTV monitoring and Biometric access
requirements. Sitting on multiple power grids and having an on-site backup generator along with multiple internet service

providers and an advanced fire prevention system, the data centre is well equipped for handling external factors that can sometimes cause issues with IT Infrastructure.

Keeping You Online

Within the facility the infrastructure has been designed to provide you with High Availability, this means that there is no single point of failure that will cause the systems to go offline. In other words if the main power goes down, the facility instantly switches over to the back-up power supplier, if they both go down then the on-site generator kicks in. If the internet service provider goes down then another provider instantly kicks in. If the routers fail another one takes over, if the physical server that runs the dedicated virtual server environments crashes another one instantly takes over, and if a hard disk within the physical server fails, the load is instantly spread over a series of other hard disks until such time as it is replaced.

All of this occurs without any human intervention and without impacting the service being delivered. With this in mind the service we offer is not only secure but provides you with a level of redundancy that typically cannot be provided when setting up internal IT Infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Regular backups are taken of your environment to allow us to restore your system back to a point in time prior to any file or record deletion that a user or software related issue may create. These backups are then transferred off-site each day to provide yet another level of redundancy.

MicroChannel Hosting in a Nut Shell

Essentially MicroChannel Hosting provides an alternative to traditional IT Infrastructure, where a business purchases servers and then manages the up-keep of them internally. MicroChannel Hosting manages the servers for you and will also reduce or remove the up front capital expenditure that would have traditionally been required to set up internal IT Infrastructure.

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Business Intelligence (BI) and CPM

OK, so just what is business intelligence?
Business Intelligence (BI) is the term for the tools and mindsets that businesses use to interrogate and analyse their in-house data. There has never more data available to businesses than there is today. The access to, and productive use of, that information has become critical to the success of every organisation to manage risk and competition.
Collating and combining data from multiple sources and delivering this information in easily understood and digested formats is crucial for the overall decision-making process. 

Corporate Performance Management or CPM helps organisations to monitor and manage their performance according to indicators such as KPIs, ROI, operational costs and more. 
MicroChannel’s BI, Analytics and CPM practice use a variety of toolsets and methodologies to build a more data-driven capability within our customers’ businesses. Ask us to show your business how.

Qlik:  More power than you can imagine. The most complete BI portfolio available  

More power than you can imagine. The most complete BI portfolio available 


Solver CPM:
Cloud-based CPM that automates reporting & planning processes

Power BI - Any data, anywhere, any time    

Power BI:
Any data, anywhere, any time




Expense Management

Concur Travel & Expense helps organisations run more efficiently.

Move away from paper receipts and spreadsheets. With an integrated, mobile T&E solution, employees can quickly and easily submit their trips and expenses. This gives organisations visibility into spend to ensure travel and expenses are compliant and to find opportunities to save costs.

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Marketing Technology

MicroChannel is a leading provider of marketing solutions from the IBM Watson Marketing suite. Watson helps you deliver better customer experiences through artificial intelligence, cognitive learning and big data personalisation. Watson goes a step further with customer experience analytics and marketing insights that help you optimise your marketing efforts across email, web, social and mobile.

MicroChannel can design, implement, customise and develop marketing solutions and strategies for your business needs and requirements:

Explore Marketing Technology Solutions

Industries we work with

MicroChannel specialises in a number of different industries - if your industry is not listed here please contact us so we can provide you with information on a specific solution for you.

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Advanced Warehousing

Learn About AccellosOne Warehouse

MicroChannel Advanced Warehousing Facts:

      + Accellos Global Partner of the Year
      + Largest Highjump - Warehouse Edge Practice in Australia
      + Only Elite Certified Practice Partner in Australia
      + Provide a complete turn-key solution including integration to any ERP
      + Our customers scale from 5 user sites to the biggest Highjump - Warehouse Edge in the world

HighJump - Warehouse Edge (formerly known as Accellos)

Highjump - Warehouse Edge is an integrated warehouse management system for small to medium sized manufacturers and distributors. With the ability to seamlessly integrated with select ERP's, Highjump - Warehouse Edge can be scaled to fit the logistic needs of any small-to-mid sized warehouse operation. The interface allows users to work with real-time warehouse information from within SAP Business One. Users can dramatically improve inventory accuracy, keep real time inventory by bin location, streamline warehouse operations, process back orders and improve overall customer satisfaction.


Key Benefits of Highjump - Warehouse Edge (formerly known as Accellos)

Highjump - Warehouse Edge offers a feature rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse processes. From the receiving dock to the shipping dock, Highjump - Warehouse Edge tracks every movement of stock into, out of and within the warehouse, maximising efficiency and accuracy and maintaining up to the minute inventory data.

Several key features of Highjump - Warehouse Edge are:

  • Paperless Warehousing
  • High Volume Pick & Pack
  • Barcode Verification & Labelling
  • One Step Put-Away to Bins
  • Stock Immediately Available for Picking
  • Tracking of Serial Number and Lots
  • FIFO Stock Rotation
  • Tracking of Both Picking & Overstock
  • Fully Audited Real Time Stock Control
  • Cycle Count by data/production/bin
  • Integration to multi-carrier shipping systems
  • Compliance labelling & ASN
  • Integration with many leading ERP software systems
  • Uses Oracle or MS SQL platforms
  • ASN Receiving
  • Voice Picking
  • RFID


MicroChannel and Manufacturing Industry Facts:

      + Over 20 years experience in implementing and supporting integrated manufacturing systems
      + Technical experts who can talk the talk and walk the walk
      + Made to order/Engineering/Job Shops
      + Made to stock
      + Light Manufacturing
      + MRP
      + Scheduling

Gain greater control over manufacturing operations
by increasing visibility into the supply chain, automating key production processes, tracking compliance & making it easier to focus on innovation & speed to market.


Advanced manufacturing Extended MRP and Production Extended master data
The advanced manufacturing components complement SAP Business One to provide the information which small & mid-sized companies need for manufacturing management, cost accounting & controlling. The advanced manufacturing functions include specific functions for materials management: order & stock related production, mixed & variant production as well as the necessary functions for the appropriate production planning & execution of manufacturing orders. Advanced manufacturing builds on standard item & bill of materials to include setup of Recipes, Routings, Operations, Resources (groups, machines, personnel & tools), Cost centres & Tools.

Rough Cut Capacity Planning
The functions for rough general planning include the areas of material and capacity requirements planning. Roughcut capacity planning shows in a simple and clear way available, used and unused capacities for resources.

Detailed Planning (Pool Monitoring)
Pool control is an efficient way to plan resource groups or resources. So-called pools can be defined with certain volume of work. By scheduling the production orders, these pools are filled with operations. The operations can be selected and executed in various ways to ensure that the right jobs are processed at the right time.

Quality Control
Get efficient functions which make it possible for you to implement the necessary quality tests during the material flow from the initial procurement through to delivery. Different kinds of test orders can be assigned to external as well as internal resources.

Whether you want to prepare estimates for standard products with different lot sizes or customer-specific designs for quotes or manufacturing orders – Cost Estimation functions have it covered.

Concurrent & Post-calculation, Work in Progress
The calculation provides you with one click a comparison of the current accumulated costs with the pre-calculation of a current order or the profit margin of a completed order. The flexibility of the calculation scheme supports full, marginal costing or contribution margin. Furthermore, the data can be parameterized in such a way that a highly flexible and differentiated assignment of work in process is possible.


Not for Profit

MicroChannel and Not for Profit / Professional Services Facts

      + Over 50 Clients in the NFP Space
      + Trusted by major financial services, Asset Management, Property and Investment  companies
      + We offer a choice of multiple solutions from 3 world leading providers
      + We deliver solutions to small, medium and large budgets. Multiple pricing options tailored for NFP
      + We offer 'out of the box' or 'tailored' solutions to meet changing regulatory requirements

Not for Profit (NFP)
Click here to download the NFP brochure

MicroChannel's deep NFP understanding combined with world class ERP products, provides strong functionality for NFPs, ensuring we offer best-fit solutions and faster roll-outs for NFPs wanting to upgrade their business systems.

Successful management of a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation requires careful administration of expenses and meticulous reporting practices to meet regulatory compliance and to secure future funding.

MicroChannel has implemented ERP solutions for over 20 NFP clients in Australia. We have a deep understanding of the specific challenges NFPs face and how to overcome them. Our ERP solutions for NFPs promote accurate and timely reporting and easier access to data that help reduce daily overheads. This translates into more time to focus on your core mission of providing services and value to beneficiaries.

Whilst NFP covers a wide variety of organisations, the Sage 300 ERP solution is a particularly good fit for:

      + Charity/Aid Organisations
      + Community Services & Health
      + Industry Associations
      + Member Based Organisations


Wholesale Distribution

MicroChannel and Wholesale Distribution Industry Facts

      + Over 20 years experience implementing and supporting solutions
      + Best of Breed products from SAP, Microsoft and Sage
      + Across a wide range of business  sizes from small family businesses through to billion dollar enterprises
      + Helping businesses design systems that reduce costs, reduce stock, increase productivity and maximise cash flow

Manage your wholesale distribution
by streamlining your entire order-to-ship process and providing clear visibility into inventory levels, order status, supplier schedules, and customer demand. Besides running your core business functions such as sales and financials.

Optimise inventory management

Track inventory levels and stock movements in real time to minimize "stockout" situations, increase goods availability, and reduce inventory-carrying costs; also manage price lists, special pricing, and quotes.

Anticipate customer demand

Provide full past transaction data, so you can analyse customer buying behaviour to predict demand more accurately and balance inventory levels accordingly.

Streamline the order-to-cash process

Automate key processes to improve efficiency across the order-to-cash cycle, including order creation, stock-level  updates, delivery, invoicing, and accounts receivable.

Tighten partner integration

Provide online self service capabilities for customers and suppliers, so they can view inventory availability, the status of orders and deliveries, and billing information.

In addition

Wholesale Distribution complimented with add-ons that offer Warehouse Management automation using radio frequency or batch processing, and state of the art handheld and barcoding hardware devices.

Professional Services

Leverage the components of the fully integrated SAP Business One, Sage 300 ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP to better manage services provided to your client. We can help you:

  • Track all client transaction, levels of satisfaction and preferences, so you can use the client insights to develop client-driven service offerings and delivery models
  • Recruit and retain the right talent – attract, retain and deploy staff resources in response to client demand with an integrated human resources system that captures all employee information
  • Allocate income and expenses to jobs for profitability analysis at the job level

Time and Billing

SAP Business One is a fully integrated solution that is designed to help and assist you in all the different operational and administrative areas within your business.

From a front line operations environment the solution will allow you to accurately track and record all the costs associated, such as time, expenses or materials, which have been used in:

  • Identifying and securing the project.
  • Implementing the project.
  • Maintaining and supporting the client.

All of the information recorded is then available to be used to continue supporting your client or else, for you to use to gain identify means to be able to obtain greater efficiency and profitability within the projects carried out by the business.

From the administrative side of the business, the information that is recorded and generated from front line operations is immediately available to the all the different departments and users on the system (based on pre-set security and authorisation criteria) providing managers with alerts for transactions that fall outside of the acceptable norm, and for key decision makers to have current live information to use in the decision making process.

Third Party Module

Enprise Job Costing module your company will be able to:

  • Have a live value of the current work-in-progress for sales, support and implementation projects.
  • Analyse the productivity and use of all their staff in all the various departments.
  • Analyse the productivity and use of any specialist equipment that may have been obtained for use on projects.
  • Maintain a distinction between initial agreed work and change variation that occur during the project.
  • Track and automate the recurring billings that need to be carried out for software license fees or support contract fees.
  • Create, track and manage employee tasks and activities.
  • Track project documentation.


Real Estate

MicroChannel and Real Estate Industry Facts:

  • 10+ years’ experience implementing CRM and ERP solutions for the Real Estate sector.
  • Our Real Estate clients scale from sole traders to some of the largest firms in the world
  • We are experienced in providing solutions for Property Management, Enquiry Management, Listing Management, Enquiry and Listing Matching, Sale and Lease, Transaction Management, Stacking Plans with current and potential occupancy information, Event Management and Publication Management

Real Estate agents are missing out on significant opportunities offered by having a comprehensive CRM solution in place. The concept behind using a CRM solution is to better manage your enquiries, listings, appraisals, actions and sales activities to manage your enquiries and listings, as well as sales and marketing activities.

The implementation of an effective CRM solution can address every facet of your Real Estate management business, eliminating redundancies and speeding the flow of information between departments. CRM is an ongoing business process focused on gaining, growing and nurturing the right customers for your business.


Learn About Microsoft Dynamics RMS

MicroChannel and Retail Industry Facts:

  • Dedicated retail professional team
  • Providing end-to-end retail solutions
  • Tailored solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage Enterprise Management and Sage 300, SAP Business One and MYOB Advanced
  • Our customers range from single store operation to 300+ stores

MicroChannel has a dedicated point of sale division that implements and supports Microsoft Dynamics for Retail and LS Retail which we can integrate into leading ERP's to provide the best of both worlds.

For retail organisations looking to run operations more efficiently, improve service levels, and make the confident decisions that fuel growth, MicroChannel and Microsoft Dynamics for Retail / LS Retail gives you the freedom to run an efficient, customer-focused business. It automates point of sale processes and store operations, provides centralised control for multi-store retailers, and works like and with the Microsoft Office system programs your people already know and use.

Integration with ERP connects retail and financial management for a multi-store network, enabling you to manage store, financial, and inventory operations from a central location. You can eliminate double data entry and gain an extra level of visibility into transactions at the individual store level.

Sporting Clubs

Is your Club wrestling with Technology?

Bringing sports to the fans is the main focus of your sporting organisation, and that to accomplish this task clubs and associations need to operate as an effective and efficient business. However without the proper tools, just like any other business, sporting organisations become hampered in their quest to achieve their social mission.

Here are some of the typical operational challenges many sporting organisations may face:

Free up staff time and streamline functions to:

  • Fluctuations in revenue due to the seasonal nature of competitions.
  • Uncertainty in financial planning due to reliance on team performance.
  • Disparate systems and/or numerous spreadsheets with poor information flow and connections.
  • Difficulties in tracking customer/fan retention, loyalty, purchasing habits, memberships and overall interaction with the club.
  • Large amounts of paperwork and administrative overheads.
  • Limited internal IT resources and expertise.
  • Departmental budgeting
  • Asset Management
  • Tracking inventory
  • Memberships Management & Customer Information
  • Point of Sale
  • Core financials
  • Accounts payable & receivables
  • Data analysis

If some of these points strike a chord with you and your organisation, then we can help.

Explore Products for Sporting Clubs

Point of Sale (Retail Management System)

Cloud ERP/Financials and Accounting

Steel Industry

Metals One - for SAP Business One

MicroChannel has enhanced the functionality of SAP Business One to include all the requirements of a metals distribution business.

Steel BarsFor many years, metal distributors have attempted to incorporate computerised solutions derived from other industries. This has resulted in fundamental conflicts of work practices that needed to be overcome, such as: multiple sale units of measure, sales of variable dimensioned products, management of off-cuts and production that is the inverse of normal assembly practices.

MicroChannel has been providing solutions to the metals distribution for over 15 years enabling them to tailor an affordble solution specifically for the metals industry called Metals One.

Major features include:

  • Improved Sales Management including catering for multiple units of measure and dimensional sales
  • Cutting List Management - a simple, easy to use system which caters for cut to length orders 
  • Metals Job Management - where significant value added processing occurs, our job management provides for nrsting multiple orders in the one job, whether it be coil to sheet, slitting coil, roll forming or cutting beams
  • Off-Cut Management - eliminates the need for a unique part number for every different dimensioned off-cut item 

This allows the customer to track critical inventory in "real time" and configure quotes & orders based on unique specifications

Field Service

Right Resource. Right Job. Right Time.

Delivering Service to Customers is an important aspect of any business with Field Technicians. Having them in the right place at the right time to meet ever demanding customer expectations requires intelligent scheduling, native mobile support, and remote asset monitoring. With MicroChannel's OneFieldService solution based on the Dynamics365 platform, this becomes easily achievable.

Optimised Scheduling
Optimise your Scheduling

Equip your mobile workforce
Equip your mobile workforce

Profit from predictive services
Profit from Predictive services

Automatically optimise schedules, reallocate resources quickly during escalations, improve first-time fix rates, and simplify dispatching for field service companies. Improve field processes and technician productivity by providing real-time customer insights and guidance, use barcode and RFID readers, and process work orders from mobile apps. Go from a traditional break-fix repair model to never-fail service model by integrating Microsoft IoT. Automate troubleshooting and remote fixes so a technician is dispatched only when necessary.

All-In-One Field Service Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service is a Field Service Management Solution, built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. With the help of MicroChannel's integration services, you can streamline your current business management software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. See Field Service Capabilities >>

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Our Difference

At MicroChannel We Help Our Customers to...

  • Improve the customer experience for their own customers
  • Increase their market share
  • Lower their cost of doing business
  • Get practical, simple solutions that fit their business needs
  • Better utilise their resources and assets
  • Come to realise their potential

We have earned an unmatched reputation for delivering superior solutions and dependable service to our customers; which is why hundreds of clients put their absolute trust in our ability to provide business critical technology.

You might ask what it is that sets us apart from our competition:


Our People
MicroChannel has an outstanding team of committed and knowledgeable professionals who thrive on giving expert advice; our team works together towards one common goal, satisfied longterm clients.

Practical Methodologies
You get flexible and practical methodologies developed to suit various solutions and budgets.

Best of Breed Products
You get access to select world-leading products from leading technology vendors, with the ability to customise to suit your organisations processes.
Rapid Return On Investment
The cornerstone of everything we do is building and delivering solutions that deliver rapid and measurable return on investment, with faster time to benefit for our clients.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
MicroChannel’s sales, development, implementation and support processes are focused on providing you with a complete solution with lower total cost of ownership.


MicroChannel Fast Facts

  • Established in 1995
  • 100+ Awards
  • Global Offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Fiji



Dependable Service

Dependable, fast, knowledgeable and easy to understand service is what you can expect to receive from MicroChannel. You get personal service from a named consultant, coupled with our expert helpdesk team who are ready to help. It's the peace of mind that comes from knowing the help you need is available when you need it.

We have earned an unmatched reputation for delivering superior solutions and dependable service to our customers; which is why hundreds of clients put their absolute trust in our ability to provide business critical technology. 

Our People MicroChannel has an outstanding team of committed and knowledgeable professionals who thrive on giving expert advice; our team works together towards one common goal, satisfied long-term clients.



Help Desk and Support

MicroChannel Helpdesk support plans provide our clients timely and effective support services. Our helpdesk is continually staffed by certified consultants, who log all helpdesk issues in our helpdesk support system so each issue is tracked and managed for expedient resolution with our commitment to provide dependable instant or same day responses.

You can take advantage of several options to suit your company’s available resources, corporate culture and overall peace of mind. We offer:

  • Helpdesk priority hotline
  • Remote support
  • Backup failure warnings
  • System health checks
  • Database corruption fixes
  • Software patch and service pack updates

We provide a 1300 Hotline priority number to call for assistance during business hours as well as email support, client web portal and remote access support to suit every situation.

Contact Us to Learn More

Backup Services

Regular backups are taken of your environment to allow us to restore your system back to a point in time prior to any file or record deletion that a user or software related issue may create. These backups are then transferred off-site each day to provide yet another level of redundancy.

All of this occurs without any human intervention and without impacting the service being delivered. With this in mind the service we offer is not only secure but provides you with a level of redundancy that typically cannot be provided when setting up internal IT Infrastructure.

Contact Us to Learn More


Our training courses aim to transfer our knowledge to you, the client, so you can obtain the maximum value from the products and services. All training courses are conducted by one of our highly trained and certified solution consultants and are conducted in one of our training classrooms. You can also schedule private courses for employees at your location or at one of our training facilities. 

At MicroChannel, we assess your training requirements both in regards to the existing skills of your staff and your business requirements to ensure you receive the full value from your business solution and computer system. 

To find out more about our training services and next training days please contact us:

Phone: 1300 440 444


Client Care

MicroChannel continually strives to improve the services we provide. The Client Care department obtains feedback on service quality by contacting clients after services have been delivered to ensure clients are happy with the services provided. Regular newsletters with helpful tips and tricks and product news are sent to all clients to ensure they stay current with what is important for their system. User Days are held which provide an opportunity for clients to interact with other users, see new products in action and learn how to get more from the SAP Business One.

Contact Us to Learn More


System Health Checks

The threat of data loss, hardware and software issues, along with recently increasing virus and worm activity and Internet based attacks, are a real problem in today's complex IT environment. We at MicroChannel therefore believe that in this environment being proactive and preventative is the best way to ensure your business minimizes its downtime and data loss.
We have therefore initiated a Regular Systems Maintenance (RSM) program which safeguards your business network. The RSM program is a preventative initiative designed to remove this burden from your organisation. Regular Maintenance ensures that every facet of your system infrastructure is protected, updated and performing efficiently all year round. This comprehensive program consists of specialised system checks, analysis and adjustments that are carried out by a Systems Consultant on a monthly basis.

We will safeguard your system by:

  • Reviewing backups and perform test restores to ensure backup integrity
  • Analysing system event logs for warnings and error messages
  • Ensuring critical operating system updates are enacted
  • Checking firewall configuration and log files and adjust as required
  • Reviewing Anti-virus protection including software versions and updating
  • Checking of server disk space, performance and partitioning
  • Identifying issues that are often a precursor to major problems

And many more - over 20 checks and adjustments in total.

Contact Us to Learn More

Consulting Services

The Business Systems Group focus on providing advice, planning, implementation, project management and support services for the users business software. Our Implementation and Consulting services are designed to help our clients achieve successful live operation of Business Systems software as quickly and efficiently as possible while maximising the benefits the client realises from the software.

The various consulting services we provide are:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Product Installation
  • Project Management
  • Data Conversions
  • Custom Financial Report Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Macro Services
  • Data Protection and Recovery Service
  • e-Business Services

Contact Us to Learn More

IT Integration Services

IT Systems Integration specialises in designing, implementing, servicing and supporting all your IT computer hardware, software and network requirements so you can stay focused on your businesses core competencies.
Whether you are a small business with one computer or you are a mid-size business with several hundred computers, MicroChannel Systems Integration can work with you to ensure your IT infrastructure is optimised for your requirements. We appreciate that each business is different as is the solution each client requires, therefore at MicroChannel we will take time to analyse your requirements and give you what will meet and solve your business needs. We don’t confuse you with technical jargon to sell you equipment and services you don’t need; we simply deliver the best solution that supports your organisation at a price that is realistic and fair.
Our IT Systems Integration Department offers you:

  • Reduced IT costs and expenditures
  • Reduced risks of failures or data loss
  • Increased benefits from your IT investment
  • Access to business and technology experts, when and where you need us
  • Fully managed systems maintenance
  • The ability to focus on your businesses core competency, instead of worrying about IT

Contact Us to Learn More

By Role

MicroChannel by role



Sales and Marketing

Marketing: Generate Demand

Provide marketing professionals with data cleansing and segmentation tools, campaign management features, and insightful marketing analytics to increase the effectiveness of marketing programs, generate demand, and better track key performance indicators. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities so you can better understand customers and target your resources to the areas of highest return. Learn More.

Sales: Close Deals Fast

Enable salespeople to create a single view of the customer with tools that streamline and automate everyday sales processes promoting shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and improved customer retention. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives sales professionals fast access to customer data and history online or offline so they can work smarter and spend more time selling. Wizard-driven communications tools help keep sales prospects and customers informed of new product and service offerings.

Explore Products for Sales and Marketing:

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sage CRM - Rapid Route to Success


CFOs & Finance Managers

ERP solutions allow CFO’s and Finance managers to make fast and informed decisions by having timely access to the information they need, when they need it. With flexible and powerful reporting, analytics, budgeting, automated alerts and more, it is not hard to see why ERP solutions are a game changer for SME’s.

Explore Products for CFOs & Finance Managers:

Products Including: Business Intelliegnce (BI) - Crystal Reporting - HANA for SAP Business One

Run like never before with SAP Business One

COOs & Operations Managers

Overseeing and controlling the processes of your organisation to ensure that business operations are efficient, using as few resources as needed, and customer satisfaction requirements are met or exceeded, is no easy task. We acknowledge your day-to-day pain points and stresses, and this is why we recommend to Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB’s) top of class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to help you become more efficient, increase customer satisfaction, reduce the stress load on the organiation and increase the bottom line with a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Explore ERP Products

Run like never before with SAP Business One


Explore AccellosOne Warehouse - your complete Warehouse Solution

CEO/MD/Business Owners

Being a decision maker and executor for your company, you need quick access to the right information to make sound decisions. You need to be notified of decision making processes happening within the company by your employees, and to manage and make approvals when required.

ERP solutions allow you to utilise powerful tools that give you access to accurate and up-to-date information. You can create complex reports which are important when needing to make those quick yet critical decisions. You will be alerted when your defined alerts are set, and be able to complete approvals on the go via mobile technologies.

Decision Making on The Go

Mobilise you and your business information through the integration of mobile devices! This gives you the flexibility to view and manage your enterprise data and processes away from the office, when on the go, any time and anywhere


Create new reports and customise existing ones using a variety of presentation formats that include interactive drill-down functionality and sophisticated formatting. We provide reporting for all business processes, including accounting, sales, purchasing, production, inventory, service and management.

Business Intelligence Tools (BI)

A number of BI tools are available for our ERP products, SAP Business One includes Business Objects Xcelsius, Alchemex, PowerOLAP, etc. The best tool for your business will depend on your requirements. With over 15 years of experience in matching requirements to functionality, MicroChannel Services will assist you in selecting the correct solution, wether it is SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Sage 300 ERP.

Alerts and Approvals

You can set up immediate notifications and automatic responses to important business events through user definable, workflow-based alerts. When indicators fall out of the predetermined range set for the event, you receive a notification to which you can respond.

Explore Products:

Run like never before with SAP Business One

CIOs & IT Managers

We understand the difficult and constant pressures put on CIO's and IT Managers, whether you are a small business with one computer or you are a mid-size business with several hundred computers - MicroChannel Systems Integration can work with you to ensure your IT infrastructure is optimised for your requirements.

We can assist CIO's and IT Managers in designing, implementing, servicing and supporting all your IT computer hardware, software and network requirements - so you can stay focused on your businesses core competencies.

We understand your organisation is unique. Your technology should match your business processes - your unique way of doing things. We help your organisation perform better by designing and developing the solutions that work for you - all delivered on time, within budget and with faster time to benefit. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and with over 50 Awards received from Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Accellos, MicroChannel has outstanding credentials as one of the most respected solution providers in Australia.

Superior Solutions | Dependable Service | Measurable Value | Committed People