Regular Systems Maintenance

The threat of data loss, hardware and software issues, along with recently increasing virus and worm activity and Internet based attacks, are a real problem in today's complex IT environment. We at MicroChannel therefore believe that in this environment being proactive and preventative is the best way to ensure your business minimizes its downtime and data loss.
We have therefore initiated a Regular Systems Maintenance (RSM) program which safeguards your business network. The RSM program is a preventative initiative designed to remove this burden from your organisation. Regular Maintenance ensures that every facet of your system infrastructure is protected, updated and performing efficiently all year round. This comprehensive program consists of specialised system checks, analysis and adjustments that are carried out by a Systems Consultant on a monthly basis.
We will safeguard your system by:

  • Reviewing backups and perform test restores to ensure backup integrity,

  • Analysing system event logs for warnings and error messages,

  • Ensuring critical operating system updates are enacted,

  • Checking firewall configuration and log files and adjust as required,

  • Reviewing Anti-virus protection including software versions and updating,

  • Checking of server disk space, performance and partitioning,

  • Identifying issues that are often a precursor to major problems,

  • And many more - over 20 checks and adjustments in total.

The benefits of Regular Systems Maintenance include:

  • Reduced exposure to potential disasters such as network downtime,

  • A decreased risk of viruses, worms, hackers and other threats,

  • A reduced chance of all system failures and data loss,

  • Improved performance of network applications.

The Regular Systems Maintenance program has proven to be a cost effective investment which safeguards and preserves IT system infrastructure.

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