Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Accelerate digital selling with sales accelerator from Dynamics 365 Sales Insights.  Bring together the art and science of selling and engage customers with seller intuition and AI working seamlessly.  

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Sales Insights


dynamics 365 sales insights forecast

Improve planning

  • Predict sales objectively - Combine seller-generated forecast with predictive forecasting from AI-driven forecast that takes into account current sales pipeline and historical performance. 
  • Focus on the right buyers - Increase conversion and win rates with AI to prioritise leads and opportunities.  No more guessing game with predictive intelligence.


Proactive Guidance

  • Make connections - Get warm introductions from colleagues who have ongoing relationships with prospects based on Microsoft Exchange data.
  • Building trust - Use AI-guided selling to include personalised talking points and next-best-actions to move relationships forward.
  • Monitor relationships - Take pre-emptive steps to mitigate risks with a relationship health score based on unified data - information sourced from Dynamics 365, Office 365 and LinkedIn. 
  • Work anytime anywhere - Stay on top of sales activities with a mobile assistant to streamline work and provide proactive suggestions.  Go into meetings with no surprises and fully prepared with comprehensive briefs, key insights about the company and attendees.

  • Free up time - Minimise data entry with contextual, real-time suggestions to create new records.  This also minimises human error and improves accuracy.
  • Communicate at the right timing - Automatically track how and when customers interact with emails. Build a positive momentum and follow-up to keep deals moving.

  • Get down to business - Sell efficiently with sales accelerator, which provides everything the seller needs.  Quickly identify the next best customers and converse on the right topics with pre-prepared comprehensive research. Increase productivity with intelligent work lists.  Deliver personalised interactions using embedded sales sequence and multi-channel engagement tools.
  • Master every conversation - Automatically transcribe and analyse customer emotion, sentiment, conversation content, and speaking style. Discover what makes customers respond positively and replicate all successful call strategies across the entire team.
  • Coach effectively - Gain visibility into conversations, flag at-risk deals and provide actionable feedback through built-in coaching tools to increase agility
  • Make strategic decisions - Easily pinpoint emerging customer needs. Stay ahead with insights from social listening tools.  Use natural language Q&A on sales and conversation data.

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