Dynamics CRM Spring'14 New Release Preview -Social Listening


Introducing Microsoft Social Listening - Turn Sentiment into Opportunity

Current trends in consumer behaviour

1. 75% of B2B are likely to use social media to influence their purchase decisions. What that means is that customers aren’t just using social – they’re using it to buy. So if you’re not engaged on social, you’re missing the majority of your target market. These customers are out there talking about your products, brands and competitors and if you aren’t hearing the conversations and using them to inform your strategy, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage. ( *Source: Insideview)

2. Customers are 70% of the way through the purchase process before they contact sales. When you think about this – and the way customers buy, that means they’ve already done their research and are close to a decision before they even contact you. Given this, if you want to be able to influence purchasing decisions, you’ll need to engage long before they ever contact your sales department.(*Source: SiriusDecisions)

As consumer behavior changes, companies need to change in order to meet those new customer expectations. Companies need to engage customers where the customers are.  

For the first time, Microsoft is democratizing Social Listening and making it widely available to everyone. 
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