NFP and Financial Management
A robust financial management system is a must for any NFP company. Along with the standard accounting and finance features, Microsoft GP offers flexible chart design, strong audit trails, reporting for management, board, government and donors/funders. Powerful management of fiscal periods and informative dashboards for analytical reporting.

Grant Management
Not-for-profit and public sector organisations can automate grant management processes to track funds more easily, demonstrate accontability and help attract future funding. Avod overspend on a grant by disabling the ability to post to that grant.

Service Based Organisations
ERP with CRM enables service based NFPs to track member's profiles, communications, history, relationships, activities, services, schedules, resource allocations, contracts, case management and KPIs.

Service and Project Management
Maintain tight control over project direction, costs, execution and budget. Capture, review and approve project time sheets and expense reports through the web, enabling prompt acurate member invoicing and effcient reimbursement for out-of-pocket employee expenses

Business Intelligence and Reporting
Effortlessly create real-time, automated and preformatted reports with accurate and meaningful information. Base decisions on intelligence not on emergencies!

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