Partner Products Supported by MicroChannel

MicroChannel offers a range of Partner Products which integrate flawlessly into Microsoft Dynamics GP and which serve to extend your system along specific industry lines or to meet a specific requirement not offered in the core Microsoft Dynamics GP system.


» BankPro

BankPro is a product that interacts with your current banking software. It incorporates three components:

- The facility to pay creditors electronically

- It allows you to download an electronic statement from your bank enabling automated reconciliation.

- Automatic deposit of Cash Receipts batches for reconciliation. 


» EmailPro

EmailPro is a simple, easy to use application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) and your email system. EmailPro can be used to send batches of Remittance Advices, Purchase Orders and Sales Order Processing documents, saving time and expense.

» SmartFill

SmartFill is a powerful enhancement to assist users with data entry within Microsoft Dynamics GP. For instance, many users of Microsoft Dynamics GP use non-intuitive numbering schemes for Customer IDs. SmartFill allows you to type part of the Customer NAME into any ID field, and then SmartFill intuitively discovers the correct ID and types it in for you. No lookup required

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