Mobility - Your Workforce On The Go with Sage CRM

Mobilise Your Team when They’re Working on the Road

When your staff are travelling for work they need real-time access to customer data and scheduled appointments — but without risking sensitive data being installed on their mobile devices. As a Web-based application, Sage CRM provides your sales team with the ability to work wherever they are located around the world. It gives them fast, up-to-date access to critical customer data and with the Exchange integration in Sage CRM Communications Management, they get full access to their calendar and Sage CRM communications.

See it in Action!


Your team can:

  • Get information exactly when needed. Use the most up-to-date customer and prospect information and minimise the need to return to base for administrative tasks.
  • Provide quotes and capture orders during customer visits while service staff can access and update support incidents on the move.
  • Utilise mobile device-specific functionality such as click to dial, Google map integration etc.
  • Access dashboards and reporting information from their device.
  • Add information as it happens — not when they get back to the office.
  • Stay confident knowing that no confidential information is stored on their device.
  • Sync their calendar with their mobile device in real time using the Exchange integration in Sage CRM Communications Management.

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